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SmsGateWay24 Your personal sms gateway

Send sms programmatically through your phone using API service. You can create your own two-factor authentification via sms for your site.

Your Android Phone - Your SMS Gateway Login

Link to app SmsGateWay24

How to install APK:

SMS gateway from your Android phone. You can create your own Account-confirmation functionality! Just try it out!

Turn your phone into a gateway for sending SMS in 2 minutes and start send sms for your users. You can use our API docs to know how to create two-factor sms authentification

How to do it?

  1. Sign up
  2. Download the app on your smartphone (Android only)
  3. Login in the application under your username and password
  4. Create SMS using the site or through the API (documentation here) Documentation
  5. The phone itself will take the SMS to send and send via SIM card
  6. The client receives SMS from you!

Documentation | SmsGateway24.com

Very simple documentation will not allow you to be alone with the problem. If you cannot deal with it, we are almost always in touch: write to us by mail if something does not work.

API Documentation


Сервис SmsGAteway24 работает абсолютно бесплатно.



Выпущена новая версия приложения SmsGateWay24 Pro v11.1

  • Теперь информация о доставке смс отправляется на сервер. Новая версия уже доступна для скачивания
  • More

Added method for mass mailing

  • Now you can add SMS massively through a special method using JSON
  • More

Google Play has banned SMS

  • Friends, Google Play has updated the privacy policy, and now all SMS gateways can not be marked on the Google Play store.                      When you try to put it in the store, from the support of Google comes a letter below.                      It was decided in the store to leave a cropped version of the application, which simply leads to the user to download the APK file.                      Now, such an action plan, you can download the APK file of the normal version from the links below or buy the PRO version of the application
  • Hi Developers at SmsGateWay, Thanks for contacting the Google Play team about your app Sms GateWay24. Publishing Status Publishing status: Rejected After review, your app has been rejected and wasn't published due to a policy violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play. Issue: Violation of Permissions policy After reviewing your app, we found that it doesn’t qualify to use the requested permissions for the following reason(s): Based on our review, we found your app’s expressed user experience did not match your declared core functionality .... Please remove these permissions from your app.
  • Download usual version
  • Buy PRO version for work with 2 sim per 10 Euro

Disabled functionality for incoming SMS for applications from Google Play

  • For security reasons, we have removed the functionality to send incoming SMS for applications from the Google Play store. Just deleted all the SMS that were on the server in the Inbox category. If you are used to receive incoming SMS from your customers, then soon, we will open access to download the APK file, in which the function of sending incoming SMS works.

Service is now free

  • We decided to congratulate You on the new year 2019 and now our service is absolutely free. But you can still make a donation via PayPal or card: More

Different sms in one newsletter

  • Sometimes the operator sees sms with the same text and can block your SIM card. To avoid this, a new functionality has appeared, which allows you to create several different texts at once within one mailing list. It is enough to separate the text in the newsletter symbol | . For example, Happy New Year! | Merry Christmas! | Merry Christmas in 2019! | May good luck be waiting for you in the new year!: New Packet-List


Incoming sms

  • Now you can read incoming SMS and process using SmsGateWay24.com web interface
  • The new version of the application is available for download.:


Задержка при отправке смс

  • Now you can set a delay when sending SMS from a certain device. This can be done on the device page. Device list


Telegram bot

  • Send a POST request to the server and people will receive a message in a telegram


We have updated the site! We are glad to inform you about it! :) What's new?

  • Improved API. Added methods for mass mailing.
  • Improved API Documentation
  • Improved interface
  • German and English translations have been made.
  • Increased reliability of passwords. According to our policy, we recommend that you frequently change passwords, now is the moment :) If the system asks you to change your password, change it
  • Now you can upload contacts directly from Google Contacts

Everything is very simple:
  1. Create SMS using the site or through the API (documentation here)
  2. Download the app on your smartphone (Android only)
  3. The phone contacts the server and asks what SMS to send? The server sends the phone sms and it leaves the device with whom it needs.
SmsGateWay24.com Great for online stores. Configure your site to work with our service using the documentation. A wide range of methods allows you to quickly set up SMS sending or bulk SMS sending.
Do you have a database of your favorite customers? Break them into groups (tags) and make mass mailings, arrange jokes, inform about promotions!
Download the new version of the application, and now you can read incoming SMS from your customers.
You are an admin and want to keep track of the important nodes of your infrastructure? Set up automation through the crontab and inform yourself and other responsible persons via SMS. Sms comes always. Just put the phone with smsgateway24 on charge with the screen on and let it stay online all the time.
Any system that can send POST requests can work with our service. Phones even with the old android work as pretty.

We do not need to enter into a contract with you, since you send them by SMS from your sim card. We are not responsible for your SMS. Money for such SMS is written off according to your tariff plan of your operator. Just in case, read our AGB

Need to do two factor registration or authorization? When the client receives an SMS with the confirmation code that he enters further on the site. Then you got to the address. Read our documentation (it is very simple) and set up your system to send an SMS with a confirmation code. The documentation is very simple, it is very easy to connect. Enough 2 methods to get started. Documentation | SmsGateway24.com

We do not need to enter into a contract with you, since you send them by SMS from your sim card. We are not responsible for your SMS. Money for such SMS is written off according to your tariff                      your operator’s plan. Just in case, check out our AGB.

Security is our priority. Your account passwords are securely stored on a secure server in an encrypted form. If you want us to delete your account with all SMS, just email us

Подключение к классическому смс шлюзу требует кучу времени - нужно зарегистрироваться с паспортными данными, указать орагнизацию, ждать пока проверять/одобрят/решат (нужное подчеркнуть). Это все только ради отправки смс. У нас вы тартите 2 минуты и уже ваша смс улетела куда надо.
You have two possibilities to contact us: through the mail, or write in the support window (bottom right). We try to respond promptly and almost always on the link!




~ 630


~ 730

Total SMS

~ 800 000