Telegram notifications


Telegram notifications

You can use Telegram, for example, to receive notifications when your phone goes offline, such as when the battery dies. To do this, you need to perform three steps:

  • Send a message to our bot. @Smsgateway24bot. This is to give our bot the permission to send you messages.
  • If you don't know your Telegram ID, send a message to another bot. @Getmyid_bot. It will tell you your Telegram ID.
  • Enter your ID in your user settings on the website here.

Once you've completed all three of these steps, you can receive notifications when your phone goes offline. Go to your device settings and find the Offline Alert (via Telegram) option to set the desired notification period.

If you go into your profile settings, you can also enable notifications through Telegram. In this case, important notifications will also come through the Telegram bot.

Furthermore, you can specify your username, and we can contact you if needed 😁



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