Set up one-time passwords


Set up one-time passwords

With the help of the sms gateway, you can also set up the sending of one-time passwords (OTP) to increase security when authorizing or conducting financial transactions. One-time passwords are unique passwords that can only be used once and that are generated automatically and sent to the user's mobile phone.

To use one-time passwords, you need to configure the sms gateway to send messages with a unique code that will be valid only for a limited time. This method of protecting data from hacking and fraud is very effective and is widely used in many banks, online services and online stores.

For example, a user who wants to log into their account or make a payment will receive a unique password on their mobile phone that will only be valid for a short period of time. This will prevent unauthorized access to the user's data and protect them from fraud.

In general, the sms gateway can be configured to send various types of messages, including order notifications, reminders of important events, promotional messages and one-time passwords. This tool is very flexible and can be adapted to the various needs of businesses and customers.



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